plastic pipes (ICTA Sheath)
long fibers of linen

240 x 60 x 4 cm

In association with ESAD of Reims students : Olympe le Fur, Elsa Maccario, Lucas Ramond, Leila Pile

Joe Vanneste
Van Robaeys Frères



Four weaved modules are joined together to form a mattress which remind the traditional tatami. The linen, a local material,  is used in its raw form of long fibres. Two opposite materials complement each other within the same object. Plastic pipes give a structure while rough fibers bring sensory and comfort.  The object has rich acoustic and insulating properties. Each material remains intact and reusable thanks to simplicity of assembly. The act of weaving, here takes another meaning and becomes a storage stool for raw material in reference to farm bales.

Visit of the Van Robaeys Frères Company, a flax scutching mill situated in the North of France.
Its expertises are the preparation of textile fibers for flax and  cotton mills and technical fibers
for insulation and reinforcement of composites.

Drawing : Elsa Maccario