Plastic pipes (ICTA Sheath)
polypropylene - polyester
elasthane rope

Polieco Group


Turborama is a partition which is deployed like a curtain, functional outside as well as inside, as a spatial separator, filter or shadow screen. It is made from an inexpensive recyclable plastic material, an ICTA sheath (polypropylene), which is extremely durable. The tube, a construction component usually hidden inside walls, is here much more visible. It is created by hand-knotting, allowing for variations in rhythms, colors and density, and allowing for placement in many different combinations and dimensions.

Turborama n°4, 140 x 300 cm, WTC I Northern Quarter, Brussels

Retracted Turborama
90 x 65 x 20 cm, 80 x 50 x 30 cm, 80 x 50 x 30 cm

Turborama n°2, 240 x 300 cm, ERG Gallery, Brussels

Turborama n°3, 300 x 150 cm

Turborama n°3, 300 x 150 cm, WTC I Northern Quarter, Brussels

Turborama n°1, 220 x 100 cm